Rui Li Chong (Beijing) Cultural Media Co., Ltd. Founded in 2008, is committed to providing customers with a full range of AV technology solutions and high-end imported equipment customization, service coverage throughout the world; after years of accumulated rich practical experience, the company Already have excellent AV program planning capabilities and the most advanced equipment and facilities, including a full range of video, lighting, hardware rental services and technical services support. In addition to being active in such markets as film and television program production, major conferences and exhibitions, major cultural events, corporate events promotion, internet information technology, radio broadcasting, medical and pharmaceuticals, entertainment, culture and sports, the company has also been providing customers in the automotive industry with standardized Lighting design and technical consultants, the formation of a good brand in the industry, has won the majority of customer service trust and recognition, we will do better to help our customers achieve the desired value, together to create brilliant excellence.


                       Rui Yi Li Chong - to create extraordinary


Dedicated to your vision

We are the world's company that brings experience to life. Customers in the television, film, music, theater, sports and business industries rely on our industry leasing equipment to drive the reach and reach of businesses, as well as in audio, video, lighting, LED, structure, media server, light transmission and more widely used in other fields.
We are committed to each customer's unique vision, which means that we urge the need to develop and update the latest equipment, taking into account the creative equipment, our equipment to create unlimited space for customers, each Rui Yi Li equipment are created to meet the market Established by demand Always find the best equipment for you technology solutions.

Rui Yi Li Chong - to create extraordinary